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Emotional month in Burgas coliving

One emotional month in Burgas coliving and coworking through the hosts’ eyes One month, but not a random month in coliving – the first one. OMG I was so scared. As maybe everyone already understood, Tony and I (Katya), both … Read More

My productive time at Burgas coliving

My productive time at Burgas coliving by SARAH WISBEY Ever been somewhere that makes you feel productive, relaxed and fills your social batteries all at the same time? Say hey to Burgas Coliving. It ticks all those boxes and more. … Read More

How to make a Banitsa

How to make a Banitsa Bulgarian traditional cuisine – Chapter 1 – BANITSA Dedicate this article to our open crew members – Thank you, guys. Without you, our banitsa wouldn’t  be the same. Have you ever heard something about Banitsa? … Read More

Bulgarian Rose festival 2022

The 192th Bulgarian rose festival Bulgaria is famous for a lot of things like nature, hospitality, and good wine. But the most famous of all is the Bulgarian rose. You can find roses in many places in the world but … Read More

Non schengen destination

Non schengen destination Schengen area The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries. Almost all in the continent. As part of a unified agreement. All of them have agreed to remove passports and internal border controls. So every … Read More

Bulgaria Coliving Coworking

3 weeks in Burgas Coliving

by Jenny Kahn A review of the newest Coliving space in Europe. Green landscapes with dramatic coastlines. Sandy, wild beaches. One of the oldest wine growing cultures in the world. Is that what you think of when you hear ‘Bulgaria’? … Read More

How to create a coliving

Create a coliving. The beginning How we decide to create a coliving How to create a coliving ? We are both from Burgas. We lived and studied for more than 7 years in Sofia. But at one point we realized … Read More