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Why Burgas should be your next workation destination

Why Burgas should be your next workation destination:

We know… Burgas might notbe at the top of your travel bucket list, but it’s a destination not to be underestimated. Our city by the Black Sea is a hidden gem and the perfect place to combine work and play! Here’s why Burgas should be your next workation destination:

1. So Much Fun Stuff Nearby

Burgas is easy to navigate, with cheap and reliable buses and affordable shared taxis if you don’t have a car. The city combines beach life, city life, and nature all at once. You can wrap up a meeting in the co-living space at 2 pm and be at the beach in a sun lounger by 3 pm. Likewise, the co-living space is surrounded by nature, making a morning hike before work perfectly possible.

2. Affordable Food and Vibrant Nightlife

A big part of a workation is not having to cook every day. While you can prepare meals with fresh veggies from local shops, Burgas has a variety of bars and restaurants that enhance the vacation feeling. A main course AND a cocktail can cost as little as 15 EUR, so treating yourself to a restaurant meal is easy. If you’re up for a party, Burgas has numerous clubs, bars and many concerts and festivals in summer – Lenny Kravitz has a concert coming up in August!

3. A Ton of Day Trip Options

When the weekend arrives, make the most of it! Visit nearby towns like Sozopol and Nesebar or take a boat to Saint Anastasia Island for a change of scenery. Burgas is also known for its stunning natural attractions, such as Lake Atanasovsko, famous for its therapeutic mud baths and unique pink hue. And of course, you can enjoy the sea from the beach or a sailing boat! Check out our activity recommendations for more inspiration 

4. Slow Mornings during the week

This isn’t specific to Burgas, but the small time difference with Central Europe and the UK (one or two hours ahead) is appreciated by many of our guests. It allows you to sleep in a little longer, squeeze in a morning workout, or enjoy a coffee in the garden before diving into the world of Slack, spreadsheets, and Zoom.

So there you have it, four great reasons to come and join us in summer.