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How we help you to have a productive stay at the coliving

How we help you to have a productive stay at the coliving

If you follow our social media, you probably know we like to have a lot of fun. However, we understand that being able to work comfortably is crucial to having a successful stay (and a happy boss or clients who keep allowing you to travel). We know that digital nomads often worry about this when booking a coliving, so here’s an overview of how we help you to be productive. 


1. Inspiring Workspaces + AC in the Building!

At Burgas CoLiving, we totally understand that your workspace and environment significantly impacts your productivity. Our space has a ton of workspaces to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer working in a quiet, private room, an open collaborative space, or the garden, we have it all. We offer high-speed wifi everywhere, ergonomic chairs in the workspaces, and plenty of natural light to keep you focused and energized throughout the day.

You can take your calls from your room (every room has a desk) or from the dedicated call room that you can reserve in advance. Not to forget, there’s AC in the building and in every bedroom, so no matter the temperature outside, you can keep your head cool!

working at burgas coliving

2. Taking Out the Hassle from Your Day-to-Day

While co-living is not a hotel where everything is done for you, we do take care of many small details. There’s weekly cleaning of your room, family lunches and dinners where everyone collaborates, and you’d be surprised how much brain space is freed up by having a weekly activity schedule so you don’t have to arrange your social life! Also, all your groceries can be done down the road in the local shops, so it takes very little effort to organize your life.

3. Wellness & Fitness spaces to help you keep your routines

Productivity isn’t just about working hard; it’s also about taking care of your well-being and maintaining your healthy routines. You can do your workout or yoga session indoors, in our gym room, or outdoors in a dedicated space in the garden. Our latest addition, the me-time room, is there for you when you really want to get away from it all and have a quiet space (perfect for meditations or yin yoga).

4. Community & Activities

The best thing about our coliving is the community.  Living and working alongside like-minded individuals is just so incredibly motivating! Our daily activity calendar includes events, workshops, and group activities, providing opportunities to connect, share ideas, and collaborate (or just to have a lot of fun). This sense of community can spark creativity and provide valuable support and inspiration as there’s always someone you can collaborate with if you’re stuck on a project. Also, having fun activities in the evenings and weekends helps you to properly unplug and recharge from work.

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