Creative Hubs gathering in Anceu

We firmly believe in this maxim, and one of our main objectives is to naturally cultivate the best environment for it to thrive.
From day one, we have strived to maintain our sacred number of colivers and promote a more family atmosphere rather than a large, impersonal community vibe, where individuals may eventually feel overwhelmed just to make themselves known.

Over time, we’ve developed several crucial rules that are instrumental in shaping our coliving experience and fostering community:

The One-Table Rule:

In our coliving community, we strongly believe in the transformative power of shared experiences. Whether it’s coming together for family dinners, engaging in workshops or a skillshare, these activities serve as the essential building blocks of our tight-knit community fabric.

Instead of focusing solely on increasing our numbers, we prioritize maintaining an intimate group size. This intentional decision ensures that every member has ample opportunities to actively participate and forge deeper connections with fellow residents. By fostering an environment where quality interactions reign supreme, we create meaningful bonds that transcend mere acquaintance, enriching the lives of all who call our community home.

dinner out

The Three-Beach Towels Rule:

Although this rule may seem similar to the last one, it’s actually a bit different. We want everyone to feel really cozy and close with each other. Imagine being at the beach with only three towels for fifteen people. We hope everyone would be okay with sharing them. It’s not just about knowing each other’s names; it’s about building strong bonds and having faith in one another. We want our community to be like a big, supportive family where everyone looks out for each other and feels comfortable sharing whatever they have.

three towels is all we need

Micro-Group Rule:

In our micro-group rule, we believe in the power of smaller gatherings. It’s like saying, “Five’s good, but four’s even better!” The magic number for us is four. When your community naturally splits into micro-groups of 4-5 people who share similar interests, it boosts the whole community’s vibe.

Imagine this: Some of us want to hit the trails for a hike, others crave the sandy shores of the beach, and a few fancy a relaxing day at the spa. If you manage to gather 3-4 colivers feeling the same way, you’ve formed a micro-group united by common interests. These mini-communities within the larger one foster deeper connections and make for more fulfilling experiences for everyone involved.

four people group

Hunger rule: If two people can't feed the entire group, we are too many

In our hunger rule, we prioritize simplicity in our lifestyle. It’s a straightforward concept: if just two people can’t manage to feed the whole group, then maybe we’ve become too many. We believe in keeping things simple and manageable.

Think about it this way: if it’s difficult for just a couple of us to coordinate cooking or ordering dinner for everyone else, it might be a sign that we’ve grown too large, and things are getting needlessly complicated. By sticking to this rule, we ensure that our meals remain enjoyable and stress-free, fostering a sense of harmony and ease within our community.

food delivery