Creative Hubs gathering in Anceu

Managing a coliving space has truly transformed our lives. We always take the opportunity to express our gratitude to the incredible colivers who have touched our hearts and helped us become more open-minded.
Your presence is invaluable, and your contributions are enormous.

However, there’s something even more significant that isn’t often openly discussed: the remarkable network of hub operators who support each other, and collectively improve the entire digital nomad ecosystem. In our experience, there’s no other industry where mutual support and collaboration are so common, where everyone works towards a shared vision.

Managing a Coliving space can be tough

We won’t hide that managing a coliving space can be challenging at times. During such moments, we often seek support and motivation in conversations with fellow network members. Despite the competitive nature of business, the spirit within our community is one of openness and generosity. Everyone has unique experiences and challenges. Often, in a brief meeting with someone from the network, we find the best solution for difficult situations.

Rather than guarding our secrets, we freely offer help and advice on various aspects of management. Together, we are constructing a unique ecosystem that stands apart from the prevailing “profit-first” mentality, prioritizing value for all involved.

conference picture
ECHN meeting in Viena

The common goal

While our coliving spaces may be scattered across diverse landscapes, ranging from tranquil rural areas to majestic mountains, beautiful islands, or urban centers, we are united by a singular purpose: to breathe life and vibrancy into our surroundings. Each location carries its own unique charm and character, offering residents and visitors alike a distinct experience enriched by the surrounding environment.

Among this diversity, we are bound by a shared aspiration to cultivate deeper connections with nature and with one another. Whether located among rolling hills, standing atop rugged cliffs, or nestled within bustling city streets, our coliving communities serve as hubs for fostering meaningful relationships and welcoming the beauty of our surroundings. We believe in the transformative power of nature, and we are dedicated to creating spaces where individuals can reconnect with the natural world and with each other on a deeper level.

Through working together and sharing our experiences, we strive not only to improve the quality of life in our communities but also to make a positive impact on the wider coliving network. By acknowledging both our diversity and our common goals, we are shaping a future where vibrant, sustainable communities thrive in harmony with nature.

How is possible this people to be so kind?

Our journey with Burgas Coliving began with the discovery of an article discussing the emerging digital nomad trend, highlighting one of the pioneering coliving spaces at the time, Nine Coliving, and the inspiring story of Anne. Shortly thereafter, we started the renovation of our building, but the beginning of COVID-19 left us feeling uncertain, with thoughts of canceling the entire project. During this challenging period, our greatest source of support and motivation came from Katya at Chateau Coliving. She played a crucial role in encouraging us to continue with the renovation, offering invaluable advice every step of the way. Notably, Katya also invited a whole group of digital nomads for our opening month a thing which Anne from Nine made for the opening month of Chateau coliving. Who are those people? How they can be so kind and generous? 

with Anne in Nine

Expanding the network

This network has become so contagious that in the end, we realized that during our holidays, we are only visiting our hub friends, and we love it. We love how each host organizes their place in a unique and beautiful way, and we learn a lot from this. It’s a pleasure for us to observe and be inspired by their journey. Often, they are so involved in the daily routine and need someone to tell them how good they are and how amazing everything they do is.

One of our favorite places, and the first coliving space we ever visited, is Chateau Coliving. Most people really can’t understand how hard it is to manage and organize the process in such a huge and beautiful place. We are so impressed by the hard work of Katya and her team and how every time we come back, there is something new.

Another great place where we are always happy to return is ANCEU coliving. Augustin and Africa have created a place that everyone loves, and it’s a gem. They showed us a completely unknown and different Spain and helped us to connect with the locals in a warm and beautiful way.

Cloud Citadel… we really don’t have words for this place. We don’t know which is the best part of the Cloud experience, the amazing mountains, the warm community, or Jelena and Joey. We really can’t describe it; you just have to go there. There is a reason why everyone is in love with Cloud. And when something is so amazing, believe us, there is a huge amount of work and dedication behind it.

Our last journey was to Tenerife; we finally visited Nine, where everything started. It’s funny how you can be inspired by a place and a person whom you haven’t seen. But we really understood why everyone talked about this place, this island, and Anne. From social media, you usually get the wrong impression and can’t realize how spacious and beautiful the place is. Also, you can’t feel how warm and kind the team behind Nine is. You should just go; believe us.

Katya and Katya at Chateau

We started traveling not to visit a place but to visit a friends

We are very grateful for the events and conferences organized by Creative Hubs net, Colivin Hub, and others that bring us together and help expand this network. However, sometimes even a brief visit or a chat is enough to recharge oneself and return highly motivated, ready to enhance our respective spaces. We’ve had the opportunity to participate in several events, but perhaps one of the most remarkable was the gathering organized last year at Anceu Coliving. It was there that we had the pleasure of meeting some of the most inspiring individuals managing colivings and coworking spaces like : Alpiness coliving, Anceu coliving, Sende,, Prostor, Vine21, Tertulia Farm, Dinamo10, Quinta da Quinhas, and Arroelo, Together, we experienced an incredible and highly motivational week, during which we shared valuable insights and forged strong connections. Even now, we remain in touch and continue to leverage this network to support one another.

In conclusion

The most powerful aspect of this environment is our unity and strength. Our mission is to show more people how remote work offers the opportunity to travel, meet amazing individuals, and take greater responsibility for culture and nature.