Hello, hello, dear wonderful community,

This blog post will be about colivings, of course, but from a different perspective.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the amazing Cloud Citadel Coliving in the P2P exchange of the European Creative Hubs Network.

A few words about what exactly this program is. The P2P Learning Program gives hub managers the opportunity to be part of a 5-days long peer-to-peer exchange that aims to engage and connect peers of established and emerging creative hubs across Europe. The main goal of this exchange is to help managers seek new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation.

initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans and share knowledge and expertise across Europe.

This program is organised by ECHN – European Creative Hubs Network and co-funded by the European Union. So we are very happy to be members of ECHN and glad we had the chance to do this exchange called The Future of coliving

Cloud Citadel is one of the most famous and loved coliving in Europe, opened almost four years ago. It is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps – the historic part of the highest city in France – Briançon. The city is known for its excellent conditions for skiing and hiking. Fortunately, we went there outside the tourist season, so we were able to discover the real charm of the area.

Main objectives

Both hubs, Cloud Citadel Coliving, and Burgas Coliving, are community-based hubs located in tourist towns in Europe, targeting people who work remotely and many of the challenges we face are very similar. So our exchange was very useful and beneficial for both sides.

The main objectives of our exchange were to share knowledge and experience on topics very important to us, such as how to successfully manage coliving, how to find the best ways to build a community, and last but not least, to discuss what impact coliving can have on the city, which they are in and how in the future the coliving community can expand beyond the walls of the house.

Breathing Life into a Delightful Project

The quaint house at the village’s edge has become the epicenter of their bread-making adventure. It is here that they’ve set up their cozy abode, right next to our co-living space. Inside these walls, they’ve embarked on a passionate endeavor to teach the traditional art of bread-making to aspiring bakers and enthusiasts alike.

and what happened …

Five days full of discussions, meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentations, discovering new areas, new opportunities, etc.

From the very first step inside the hub, we were amazed by the welcoming and hospital atmosphere. The building was one of the most well-organized colivings we have ever seen. Apparently, Jelena and Joe know very well how to meet the needs of the entire community and not only that but also how to build and maintain that community. 

We had the opportunity to spend these days not only with the two managers of the hub but also to live with the colivers and understand more about their needs. We got completely into the daily routine of Cloud Citadel, discovering what is life in the hub, how it is organized, how the members are involved in it, and all these little creative events that happened there.

We had the opportunity to delve deeper into local life and meet people from the community who are now residents of Briançon. To enjoy small craft producers trying to present local values to the world.

And of course to discover the beauty of the French Alps. We had several walks and hikes in the surrounding nature. With or without snow, it doesn’t matter, the mountain, the view, so majestic, but at the same time the silence, the peace.

The final event

The final event was something very special for everyone. We all , coliving owners and colivers, sat in a very informal atmosphere and went deeper into topics such as what coliving is for us now, and what is our vision for the future coliving. We brainstormed, discussed and at the end of this exciting experience we had the opportunity to enjoy an amazing dinner prepared by local chefs, especially for the community.

Their infectious passion for bread-making was palpable and infused every moment we spent with them. As we savored each bite, we couldn’t help but be moved by the dedication and artistry that went into crafting these edible masterpieces.

In conclusion

Cloud Citadel and Burgas Coliving are different hubs located in different parts of Europe but working in the same field, same goals, sharing same values. What we have achieved with this exchange is to define the possible future needs of our collivers. To find a way to answer these needs. How to involve the local life into the hub life. How to promote that great impact that remote workers could have on the cities where our colivings are located. We believe that this meeting will begin to create a strong network between coliving operators that will help us all move in the right direction, together.

Special thanks to Jelena and Joe who hosted this exchange and to the European Network of Creative Centers for making it possible.