Remotion Fest: A Transformational Remote Work Event

Remotion Fest 2023, a highlight in the world of remote work celebrations, unfolded from June 21 to 24 within the idyllic backdrop of the Burgas Congress Hall and the nearby beach. This landmark festival, co-hosted by the Municipality of Burgas, Burgas Coliving and Gigs Remote, served as a unique blend of riveting presentations, motivational speeches, enriching workshops, unconferences, musical events, and exhilarating sports activities.

The Birth of Remotion Fest

The origin of Remotion Fest can be traced back to a casual conversation that took a surprising turn into a tangible reality. The spark was ignited during our Burgas Coliving’s inauguration when Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, the Mayor of Burgas, Ivelina Strateva, the Director of the Economy and Economic Activities Directorate, and the trailblazers envisioning a digital nomad community in Burgas, found themselves engrossed in a light-hearted discussion. The metamorphosis of a seemingly playful idea into a grand event underlines the power of dreams turning into reality.

The Expansion of the Organizing Team

The festival organization welcomed two additional members shortly after the initial planning phase – Jasmina Tal and Plamen Tsekov from Gigs Remote. With their inclusion, the team expanded, combining skills and enthusiasm in equal measure. Following six intense months of dedication and tireless efforts, the Municipality of Burgas, alongside our assistance and the contribution of the Gigs Remote team and Burgas Coliving, successfully executed the event.

A Uniting Festival for Remote Workers

The Remotion Fest aims at fostering the remote work culture and promoting the city of Burgas as a promising hub for digital nomads. It has successfully brought together over 200 participants from across the globe, encouraging conversations on the future of remote work and smooth transition strategies.

The Unforgettable Opening Night

The festival kicked off with an electrifying boat party that journeyed from Burgas to the quaint fishing village of Chengene Skele. The evening was filled with cocktails, DJ music, and an enchanting performance of the magical traditional Bulgarian dance on fire – Nestinar dance. Amid the dance, music, and happy faces, a sudden downpour added to the mystical charm of the event.

The Official Inauguration

The subsequent morning saw the formal opening of the Remotion Fest with a powerful welcome speech from Mayor Dimitar Nikolov at the newly inaugurated congress center in the Marina of Burgas. This was followed by a series of inspirational presentations delving into the personal insights on how remote working has transformed individuals’ lives.

Insightful Talks and Panel Discussions

The festival witnessed the participation of over 30 esteemed speakers who contributed to engaging panel discussions and presentations. Renowned remote work advocates like Rowena Hennigan, Ali Green, Mine Dedekoca, Elsa Rodriguez, Hugo Pillegand, Jeanne Fontaniere, Plamen Tsekov, Gui Perdrix, Arthur Bergeret, Jasmina Tal, Gonzalo Fernandez, and Dani Maletic shared their insights, thus making the event a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

Beach Unconferences and Bonding Sessions

Each afternoon at the festival was reserved for beach unconferences. Participants barefoot in the sand, engaging in deep conversations on significant topics under the open sky, formed an ideal setting for barrier-free communication. These informal brainstorming sessions led to the formation of strong bonds, friendships, and the genesis of several upcoming projects in the remote working scene.

Music and Fun on the Beach

The post-unconference sessions on the beach were the highlight of each day. With dinners, musical concerts, karaoke, and DJ parties happening under the starlit sky and accompanied by the rhythm of the waves, the beach became the epicenter of fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Remotion Fest 2023 has set a benchmark in the field of remote work events. Thanks to the unwavering support and dedication from the Municipality of Burgas and Gigs Remote, this festival is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading remote work