The joy of coliving in a country with four seasons

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t enjoy nature? I believe not! But perhaps many people don’t know how this beautiful nature can change through the seasons. The joy of coliving in a country with four seasons.

Luckily Burgas coliving & co working is located right in one of those countries with clearly defined four seasons. And believe me, it’s an amazing experience. More than half a year since we started our project. We have had the opportunity to marvel at this changing landscape and discover so many things we can do here in the different seasons. How each season offers something different, something special. So, friends, I’m going to share this experience of coliving in four seasons.


The first Spring of our digital nomads in Bulgaria:

Our first month of work was in the middle of spring – May. Wonderful May! Everything is starting to wake up, and so were we. Our yard – 8000 sq.m. – We are lucky to be located very close to one of the most famous salt lakes in Bulgaria – Lake Atanasovsko. It is a shallow hypersaline lagoon connected to the surrounding salt pans. It also has a system of channels overgrown with marsh vegetation, salt crystallizers surrounded by a dike, and a freshwater channel. In short, it is a very very beautiful place. The lake is located on the Via Pontica migration route and is specific to most migratory birds from Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe. So from April to October (especially during their spring migration).

Birds and animals

You can observe an amazing variety of many different species of feathered friends. There are several birdwatching sites around Burgas where our local ornithologist friends can show and explain everything about every flying species in our area. Or just enjoy their magical songs while lying on a hammock in our backyard. 

This was the moment I set myself up to work remotely and spend my entire day in this backyard. It was amazing to replace the city noise with the sounds of nature, the grey cityscape with the colorful landscape, and the polluted air with the fresh scent of flowers. Yes, this lifestyle of a digital nomad started to grow on me

Southeastern of Burgas

The southeastern part of Burgas is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, and spring is the perfect time to enjoy them. The weather is mostly sunny, usually around 20-25C. But this time of year is still off-season. You can travel in peace without huge traffic and enjoy all those beautiful golden beaches. This is also the perfect time to discover our nearest hiking trails. It’s not too cold like in the high mountains and not too hot like in summer.

Our Garden

And the first fruits in our garden. And the first lettuces, and cucumbers. A nd everything just begins! Our entire property is awake, including us! We love to do yoga, workouts and there is plenty of space for it all. Or, if you like to run or walk – this is the place for you – right next to us is a huge park with trails and hills. And then apricots, plums and …..

Greetings from a top European summer destination

Burgas is located on the Black Sea coast. The city and its nearby towns are famous summer destinations for many tourists. That is why the whole area never sleeps at this time – concerts, shows, festivals, and all kinds of events almost every night. Yes, we are very lucky that our location is 15 km away from the city center and all that noise. However, it is also close enough and well-connected to be a part of all these experiences.

The beaches

The beaches are full of people, but also summer vibes. If you want to get away from the coworking but still need to work – no problem, most of the beach bars offer free wifi. Also, the municipality of Burgas provides free wifi throughout the central part of the city and several spots to charge your devices.

Sport Activities

Do you like sea sports? – you are in the right place. Windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, kitesurfing, in fact the conditions for kitesurfing in Burgas have made it one of the top locations in Europe. You may also prefer to swim in our mineral water pool, located 100 meters from our property, in addition to the sea.  

If you prefer to stay away from this crowd and just stay in the coliving, I’m sure you won’t be bored. One of our colivers describes Burgas coliving as an amazing summer camp. After work or just during breaks you can use all the attractions we have created in our yard – table tennis, petanque, basketball, slackline, or just relax, read a book and chill in the garden.

Yes, we love summer and all the fresh fruits and veggies. In particular, we love the tomatoes from our garden, OMG our delicious sun tomatoes. You will never forget that sweet, melt in your mouth taste. And sometimes the air can be filled with the smell of roasted peppers, which means … 

Autumn is near. Coliving in four seasons

Well, not exactly, because in Burgas we usually enjoy high temperatures until the end of October, very often up to 30C. But everyone starts to change their mood – from FOMO (fear of missing out) to JOMO (joy of missing out). Nature shows us the most amazing colour variety imaginable – green, yellow, red, orange, pink. …. coliving in four season…

And again the birdsong and again the hammock, just me, myself and nature … and the aroma of roasted peppers. Usually at this time of the year there is a certain tradition in Bulgaria to prepare different kinds of dips, typical of our region. These dips are prepared from fresh vegetables or fruits and put them in a jar to preserve the summer feelings for the winter. Since we want to share this amazing local tradition with our colivers, we organize workshops for making lutenitsa, apetitka, kyopoolu, etc. Yes, most people are truly amazed when they see this huge pot we put directly into the fire. It is used to mix and cook all these fresh ingredients, most of which are grown in our own backyard.

And not just that aroma, but the whole house smells like pumpkin and cinnamon. Perfect time to enjoy cozy evenings with board games or movies, or just sweet conversations by the fireplace.

Sunset Apero

The days are getting shorter and the sunsets are coming earlier, which is a great opportunity to spend apero time on a nearby hill enjoying the amazing sunset. Our area has a new venue this autumn – a spa with mineral water, a sauna, a hot pool, a steam room, and a stylish, modern, healing, and refreshing regime. But if you’re still in the mood to party, Burgas nightlife welcomes you – restaurants, bars, nightclubs, piano bars, everything you want for a memorable and loud party experience.

And I stop here. We can’t wait for the first winter to come here. We really want to finally see snow, especially at Christmas time, but unfortunately, the winter here is usually so mild, and seeing white ground is like a miracle.

So friends, enjoy all four seasons, discover the beauty of nature every month of the year and JUST BE HAPPY!!! book