One emotional month in Burgas coliving and coworking through the hosts’ eyes

One month, but not a random month in coliving – the first one. OMG I was so scared. As maybe everyone already understood, Tony and I (Katya), both the founders of Burgas coliving, didn’t have much experience with colivings. Actually we didn’t have any experience with that. It was something so new for us. We tried to think through and go over every single detail in the house, in the backyard, in the surrounding area… But I was so nervous and constantly wondering – are the mattresses comfortable enough, is there enough space in the kitchen, is the Wi-Fi good enough, is the coworking space (a.k.a. massage room) big enough, WTF must be my behavior… Gosh, I was really crazy.

And now a month and a half later all these worries seem so funny to me.

Burgas Coliving fisrt month Opening group

22 people chose to support us in our rough beginning. 22 incredible, amazing, strong personalities believed in us and left behind a piece of themselves through constructive feedback and their own artwork. 22 people with different backgrounds brought the whole world in our backyard.

Prosecco Beach

Yes they were so different and at the same time so alike with such a common mindset, with such a similar lifestyle. For the first time in my life I witnessed people becoming friends, no, even family, after just one day spent together. And about my worries – a couple of days after our opening-crew came to the Burgas coliving, all of them just disappeared. It is impossible to have any worries with people like them.

It’s so hard to explain how I felt during this first month. At the beginning we were so tired because we finished the preparations and final touches literally few hours before our first colivers arrived. Several days later I can’t explain what happened, something like crackhead energy. I slept an average of 4 hours per day and the rest of the day I was full of energy, motivation, seeking, loving, and so so happy because of them, because of these beautiful people.

Experience full of happy moments

Banitsa party

One month passed by like a moment, but what a moment it was. So many family dinners, so many games, trips, movie nights. So many shared bottles of nice beverages, hikings, beaches, roses. Tears of happiness, tears of mental pain, which want to go out of the mind. So many smiley faces saying “Good morning, Katya! How did you sleep?” And from this moment onward it didn’t matter how long exactly you were sleeping. From this moment onward your day became amazing. It didn’t matter what and how many problems you had, all of them became irrelevant.

Birthday to remember

And my birthday … oohh… such an amazing night. I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to share this special moment with these great people, actually they made this moment so special to me. All night, around the fire and among so powerful, pure, positive energy … playing music, dancing, singing …under the shining stars …  so beautiful … They all were my gift. They were the biggest gift that I’ve ever gotten.

People, People, People

All our colivers were so attentive to us, I really couldn’t believe how it could be true. I was born, raised and I have spent most of my life in Eastern Europe where the people love to judge you and never appreciate what you have done for them. And suddenly a new world opened up for me in that same Eastern Europe. So is the “location, location, location” the most important thing, well not in this case. “PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE”, that’s the most important thing.

Pleasure to be part of this

These people made me love cleaning the floors. These people made me love staying around the oven for several hours. These people made me love to organize little events, to make plans! Yes, now I love all of these things! They make me really happy. They make the other people happy, which again makes me so happy. And friends believe me this is not your duty, this is not your job, in this small community doing all these things is a pleasure, it’s a huge pleasure to take care of the others.

One of our colivers told me once “Places like this could change people’s destinies”. Yes I know that, this is true but at that point I didn’t realize that this change will start from our destinies.

My friends, my family, my party people

“My friends, my family, my party people” we love you and miss you. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet you and to spend such a great time with you. Thank you for believed in us. Thank you for making us believe in our success. Thank you for returning our faith in humanity, in the purity in peoples’ relationships, the faith in family values. You always remain in our hearts. Burgas coliving will always be your home.

We hope that very soon many people will choose to join us and to feel the power of our magical place. To have such a wonderful experience together. To create such an amazing community with us. We are looking forward to seeing you here! 

Love you "Evil Katya

P.S. And everything happened because of one of the most amazing people that I know – Katia Dimova (the founder of Chateau coliving ). She is an angel. She helps us so so much during the whole process of renovation and this spatial month happened thanks to her. Thanks Katia for this huge gift, you are an amazing person! I am so happy that we spent such a great time together after so many years. I am so happy that our paths crossed again.

We are very thankful to Africa and Augustin from Anceu coliving, who spent so many hours traveling to come to us and share with us their rich and priceless experience on how to manage a coliving appropriately.

Thank you, friends, there aren’t enough wods to express how much this means to us.