My productive time at Burgas coliving


Ever been somewhere that makes you feel productive, relaxed and fills your social batteries all at the same time?


BBQ night

Say hey to Burgas Coliving. It ticks all those boxes and more. Space designed to motivate you and do great work but also space to relax. Unwind and socialize with people from all over the world. I’ve never done so much work and had so much fun all at the same time!

Commuting to some dreary office is a thing of the past, and coliving is the future. And the amazing founders of Burgas are leading the way among a community of passionate, creative people building spaces for the remote workforce to live and work around the world. 

What’s so great about the coliving concept? 

You spend your time in a beautiful setting, usually close to nature. Surrounded by others who want similar things from life.

It’s your fellow colivers bringing you coffee when they see you’re having a tough meeting. It’s finishing your stressful day and having homecooked food ready prepared for you. 

It’s learning from your hosts about their local region and customs. It’s sharing stories and jokes with people you’d never have met if you’d just booked an Airbnb by yourself. 

I hadn’t even seen pictures of Burgas before arriving because it was still being renovated in the build-up to launch when I booked. But I trusted it would be incredible. No pictures could do the space justice anyway! 


visit Papa Beer

On my arrival late in the evening, the BBQ was already on and I was welcomed with open arms by Tony and Katya like an old friend. I felt the magic of the place immediately. 

As my stay unfolded, I got to know the region more, devoured the delicious local fresh produce and marvelled at the natural beauty of the surrounding area. 

What made my time staying at Burgas Coliving memorable?

Swimming in the crystal clear Black Sea. Running in the nearby forest, swinging in the hammock of the peaceful backyard and sipping on one too many craft beers from the in-house beer & wine cellar. The passion and kindness from Katya and Tony, the group dinners, the music, games and late-night silliness. 

Oh, and did I mention I did SO much work! Shocking I know when I was having so much fun, but I managed to score an amazing new client and get some of my best work done during my stay. Which I totally attribute to the spaces Katya and Tony designed to make you feel motivated and productive. 

I loved having a comfy chair and big screen in the coworking space but when I wanted to switch it up I could work under the trees, surrounded by birdsong. Or when I was hungover, swinging in the hammock, which still had perfect wifi connection. 😛


dinner in Burgas

Community is at the core of Burgas and it takes something special to create such a friendly, open and inclusive atmosphere the way Katya and Tony have. 

If you work remotely and are looking to try something new, visit Burgas Coliving. You may never leave! at