How to make a Banitsa

Bulgarian traditional cuisine – Chapter 1 – BANITSA

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Have you ever heard something about Banitsa? Have you ever felt the most appetizing smell? Have you ever tasted this divine taste? Have you ever seen Banitza…it is sooo beautiful!!!

I still can hear my grandma shouting “Katyaaaaa , come for breakfast, the BANITSA is ready!” And all children from the neighborhood just rushed to it, her Majesty Banitsa. And sorry if I confused you, BANITSA is not a food, well it is not just a food. Banitsa is an emotion. Banitsa is a passion. Banitsa is an inspiration. It is that situation in which whole of your bodies are balanced and in harmony. This is the food not only for your physical body, but also for your soul.

What ingredients you need to make a Banitsa

Are you curious to understand the ingredients and how to make a Banitsa?s

1 package phyllo dough 500 g

 Bulgarian white cheese (cow or mix – sheep and cow) 650 g

 8 large eggs

 2 cups yogurt 450 g

 sunflower oil ½ cup

 2 tablespoons butter

 1 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup sparkling water

 2 cups of the clearest, purest love that you can feel

Yeah I am sure that in this moment, we lose the whole vegan part of the world, but I have to tell you that there are several types of traditional Bulgarian Banitsa that are fully vegan – like Zelnik (Banitsa with green leaves and bulgur) or Tikvenik (Banitsa with pumpkin and walnuts). Just please be patient, in some of the next times, I will show you what I mean.

The Banitsa recipe


 Put the soda into the yogurt. In a large bowl, break up the feta cheese using a fork. Add the eggs and mix well. Then add the yogurt with the baking soda and mix again. Add the ¼ cup of sunflower oil and mix. Get a really large pan (at least 40 cm) and lightly cover the bottom of a pan with one tablespoon sunflower oil.

Take two sheets of phyllo dough, crumple them and place in the pan; spray them with one spoon oil and add two more crumple sheets above the first couple. Cover the dough layer with 7-8 tablespoons of the eggs-cheese mixture on top and repeat all these layers – 2 sheets dough, 1 spoon oil, two sheet dough, several spoons mixture, repeat these steps until the dough finish, as on top you have to put 3-4 sheets of dough like a final layer. Put the cup of sparkling water into the bowl with leftovered mixture and mix well. Cut the layers on several places and pour the liquid mixture evenly. On the top put several thin slices of butter. And spread around at least 2 cups full with love, more is better.

How to bake a Banitsa

Preheat oven to 180-200ºC, while letting the Banitsa sit at room temperature for 15 minutes then bake in the oven /FURNATA, FURNATA/ for 35-40 minutes, or until the top is deep golden brown. If the top gets too dark place a sheet of baking paper over it. Remove Banitsa from oven and allow to cool upside down for 20 minutes.


Do you feel the smell? Do you feel how crunchy is, but in the same time so tender, mild in your mouth, fill your eyes, fill your soul.

How to consume a Banitsa

How to consume BANITSA – the best way is with Airyan (Bulgarian yogurt mixed with water and salt). Listening Ivo Dimchev – Banitsa song.

Sharing whole this experience with amazing people. And if you are wondering where is the best place to do this – of course in Burgas coliving backyard.

The next chapter of our cuisine story – LET’S BOB – How to prepare the traditional Bulgarian beans.

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