Burgas CoLiving



Welcome to Burgas Coliving & Coworking – a place which gathers freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs or travel lovers with different backgrounds and interests from all over the world and provides them opportunity to live, work, meet and just enjoy life, TOGETHER.


We offer a collaborative and inspiring environment that can increase your productivity and motivation to work. The presence of like-minded individuals and the ability to network and bounce ideas off each other can lead to new insights and opportunities. All of these factors combined can help you work with inspiration and achieve higher levels of productivity.


An unique and magical community where individuals with similar dreams and aspirations come together to support each other. This sense of community can provide a powerful source of motivation, helping you to achieve our goals and reach new heights. Whether it's through shared meals, organized events, or simply hanging out in common areas, coliving spaces foster a sense of belonging that can be incredibly uplifting and inspiring.


Our coliving is located in the city suburbs in a beautiful green area. Make the most of our beautiful garden to relax, do yoga, play sports, gather around the fire pit in the evenings...and of course, work.  Oh, and lets not forget the beautiful beaches...

Our time at Burgas Coliving was amazing! It was our first coliving experience, and it made us want to go nomad full-time. We made some wonderful friends who we still travel with.


Burgas Coliving is a true gem! For me it was the best coliving experience so far. The best place in the entire Burgas coliving is the garden! You will fall in love with it for sure!


It’s a place like no other. No matter where I chose to work – the quiet gardens or the comfortable, AC-equipped coworking space, I could focus and get loads done. It was just the perfect work environment I was looking for.



 The wonderful accommodation is only matched by the wonderful hosting skills of the team, who combine to ensure that you feel like part of the family and that your stay is a memorable one.



Our town is known as the "Mineral springs of Burgas" – a satellite settlement 15 km from the city center. Lide, and later Thermopolis, was visited by patients from all over the Roman, and later Ottoman Empire, convinced of the healing power of the 41.5°C water. In 1954, the property, consisting of two buildings and a 8000sq.m garden, was built during communism with the purpose to heal and provide a salutary rest for communist workers. During the 90’s, the property closed and left abandoned. In 2002, we purchased the property but it was only 16 years later (in 2019) we began the long renovation project to convert it into a coliving.


• High-speed 600mbps Internet • Comfortable desks and chairs • Flexible indoor and outdoor workspace • 24/7 workspace access


• Spring water swimming pool • Craft brewery • Park with walking paths and BBQ spots • Pretty Black Sea beaches (12 km away)


• Spacious rooms • Wine room • Craft Beer room • Biggest backyard in the hood • Fireplace and BBQ • Fully equipped shared Kitchen


• Movie Nights • BBQ Nights • Game Evenings • Skillshare Evenings • Colympics • Workshops • Art Nights


• Tennis Table • Game room • Basketball court • Petanque court • Yoga platform • Morning runs in the park


• Wine Tasting • Craft Beer Tasting • Cheese Tasting

Yoga and Dancing

Practice yoga under the old green trees to the sounds of the birds or a beautiful evening of Latin dancing. You have the freedom to choose

Petanque court

Yeah, we know... it's a little weird... but we like it. There's nothing more refreshing than playing petanque with a beer in hand after a hard day

Tennis Table

Because a tennis table is a must for any Coliving space. The pleasure of short games during the day or more competitive tournaments on the weekend.

Explore the area

there are many beautiful trails for an easy walk, run in the area near the Coliving or even for light hiking

The Secret Bakery

One of our cherished weekend customs involves stopping by our friends' bakery and enjoying a delightful brunch made with their scrumptious baked goods.

metalhead brewery

Craft Brewery

You always have the option to visit the craft brewery situated in the park adjacent to the coliving for a beer. You can have a flight with different beer and eat a burger.


To make sure we don't bring any risks for our own animals into the house, we are a little careful about bringing pets to Burgas Coliving. But, if you would like to bring yours, please contact us so we can chat about the possibilities.


We love food! And we're sure that you'll enjoy the food here in Burgas. There're plenty of options for people with all kind of diets. You'll get the chance to try Bulgarian cuisine like banitsa and delicious local cheeses. Oh, and our backyard is filled with fruits and veggies for you to try!


Our colivers love hanging out in our common spaces! We have a: -wine room -beer and game room -dining room with big sofa and TV -big coworking space -shared kitchen


In our spacious backyard, you'll find: - working zone - hammock and chill out zone - yoga and workout platform - basketball hoop - petangue field - vegetables garden - bbq and firepit -ping pong -slack line


Because we know that everybody has different needs, we've got you covered with lots of options to fit your needs: 4 double bedrooms with queen size bed 4 double bedrooms with two single beds 5 single bedrooms 5 private bathrooms and 3 shared bathrooms All rooms are full of natural light and comfortable. All furnishing were made by local producer or by ourselves.